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IDEAL Marine Insurance, a program of Wichert Insurance is a wholesale entity that underwrites a wide variety of specialty marine coverage.  We have a broad appetite for both ocean marine and non-construction inland marine exposures, including:

•    Mobile agricultural and irrigation equipment
•    Contractors and other specialty equipment
•    Livestock in transit, both domestic and international
•    Temperature controlled genetics,  transit and location coverage
•    Ocean cargo, including both location and possession coverage
•    Transportation & warehouse distribution
•    Relocation of personal and household effects,  in transit and storage

Our programs are available in all 50 states and Canada.  Each member of the IDEAL Marine underwriting team has more than twenty years experience and expertise in the industry they serve.   IDEAL Marine Insurance often provides insurance coverage and capacity not available in the standard insurance marketplace.  We have a reputation for delivering excellent results, using “no nonsense” application formats and quick turn-around time.


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Ideal Marine is a program of Wichert Insurance.